Dogmeat is a five piece band from Buena Park, California that sounds like a Kenny Loggins monster truck. The band takes elements of Hardcore, Punk, and all types Rock n Roll to create the most energetic, aggressive, and fun songs they can think of. Always dressed like extra’s from Easy Rider, they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Death By Stereo, Off With Their Heads, and Atreyu.

Their first release “The Out Of Style E.P.” boasts four roaring original tracks and a cover of “Highway to the Dangerzone” that would blast Tom Cruise right off his Apple Box. They’ve been described as “Cowboycore,” “Party Metal,” and “The Mad Max Soundtrack.” But the best way to categorize them is a good time.

Flogging some synth-flavoured heavy metal in a blaze of fog and red lazers. The band’s huge energy was matched and doubled by the showmanship of vocalist Tom Rooney.
— Cameron Warner –
To say that they were impressive would be a gross understatement. The group played a tight set that was as fun as it was proficient, with front man Tom Rooney displaying a kind of energy that is very rarely seen at all.
— Robert Foster – AMH Network
I didn’t expect those monster neon synths to come in after such a dark start but you’ve really smashed out a indie-dance anthem here.
— Dave Ruby-Howe – Triple J